ND Dealership Careers

North Dakota's Farm Equipment Dealers Have a Place for You!

A great place to work — and to play! There's just no place like home.


It's a good place to grow up...and a great place to build your future!

North Dakota's farm equipment dealers are looking for talented young people searching for the right place to start their careers... where opportunities are nearly unlimited, and where the quality of life is second to none.

  • Does technology fascinate you?
  • Do you love a challenge?
  • Are you looking for a field that rewards hard work with good income and benefits?
  • Would you like to be someone farmers count on to keep their space-age equipment running? A leader in your own hometown?
  • Can you see yourself becoming a real success...someone who makes it big, right here among your friends and family?

Then take a closer look at a career in North Dakota's farm equipment dealerships. Dealers all across the state want to talk to you about building a promising future in the business.

Agriculture is big here in North Dakota. Farmers are the power in our state's billion-dollar economic "engine"... and equipment dealerships are the experts who keep it up and running. Farm equipment dealerships offer opportunities in four related areas.

Service Technician

Yesterday's mechanic has become an expert technician. It's essential to understand electronics and the computers that control nearly every part of today's equipment. Keeping up with constant innovations requires people who are willing not only to learn about these magnificent machines, but keep on learning.

Parts Professional

Today's amazing farm equipment still grinds to a halt for lack of one small part. Parts departments are absolutely essential to helping farmers keep expensive downtime to a minimum. You'll manage this task with the help of high-tech inventory control systems, computerized parts databases and on-line manuals.

Sales Consultant

As a sales representative, you'll match your farmer customers' needs with the latest equipment, sharing your knowledge of ever-changing technology as well as the essentials of modern farming—from soil to seeds, fertilizer to finance.

Management Professional

Can you see yourself running a department...managing a store...or working in a corporate setting for a dealer with multiple locations? Dealers are always looking for talented individuals who can move up into the top ranks of the industry

So what does it take to make it in the farm equipment industry?

  • Technical training in a two- or four-year program. Technical knowledge is the foundation of success in every aspect of the industry. Whether you're interested in service, parts, sales, or management you'll depend on your vo-tech or college training...along with ongoing seminars and educational programs that keep you up to date with the technology.
  • "People skills." North Dakota dealers agree that good communication skills are vital to your success. That means the ability to really listen to customers, as well as to explain highly technical issues in a way they can understand. You'll often call on your ability to get along well with others, both customers and your co-workers. Excellent reading, writing and problem solving are also essential to your advancement in this field.
  • Attitude. Dealers are quick to spot the right attitude in newcomers to their industry. They look for people who are excited about the field...who are ambitious...and who understand that hard work pays off with superior income and opportunities for promotion.

What kind of income and benefits do these careers offer?

Wages and benefits can be very attractive in the farm equipment industry. Your starting salary will grow as you gain experience and training that make you increasingly valuable to your employer. Many of the positions in farm equipment dealerships include an incentive or commission plan in addition to your wages—so your income can climb as high as your productivity and your ambition can take you.

Many dealers also provide excellent benefits, including health, life and disability insurance; retirement plans; paid vacation, holiday and sick days; uniforms; and support for your continuing education.

Here's what dealership employees have to say about living and working here in North Dakota...

"I like the smaller town atmosphere."
"You develop roots as a youngster when growing up. It's nice to be close to your family and friends."
"Hunting and fishing, both summer and winter...all kinds of outdoor recreation...a reasonable cost of living...just about anything you want is right here in North Dakota."
"It's fun to come back home."
"This is the good life...raising a family, having a nice home, doing all the things you love to do. North Dakota has a lot to offer."

For more information please contact:

Megan Birner
NDIDA Executive Assistant
Ph. 701-293-6822